Association Profile

Association Profile

Largest association exclusively for professional Journalists working part-time

The bdfj Bundesvereinigung der Fachjournalisten e.V. is the largest Federation exclusively for part-time journalists in Germany founded almost 15 years ago. It offers a wide range of benefits and services. The bdfj coorporate as a partner association with The DPV Deutscher Presse Verband – Verband für Journalisten e.V. (German Press and Journalists Federation), the non-union journalist association with the largest number of professional members in Germany founded more than 30 years ago.

The bdfj represents and promotes the professional interests of its members as (specialist) journalists. Thise members work in all media areas in which journalism is practiced and reach an audience of millions of people. Anyone who can provide evidence of their secondary occupation as a journalist can become a member. Hobby photographers and occasional writers, on the other hand, cannot become members and cannot receive a press card.

Membership and the issue of a press card are only open to journalists who can provide evidence of their regular and permanent journalistic activity. The basis for this is formed by the resolutions of the Conference of Interior Ministers (180th meeting of the Standing Conference of Interior Ministers and Senators of the Federal States, Resolution 12, Section 3 of 05.05.2006).

Within the Journalistenzentrum Deutschland (German Center of Journalism), the benefit and service-oriented professional associations develop, for example, online databases or legal protection models and contract forms with recommendations for action.

The core function of the associations lies in their performance as a know-how pool with service and advice offers such as access to specialist literature and series of publications, working material, legal advice from their own in-house legal advisors, tax advice, professional credit cards, internet presence, issuance of a generally recognized press card, conditioned retirement provision through the media supply and much more.

The bdfj is a strong association that serves the common aims of journalists and communication experts. The organization co-operates with other associations and institutions, officials, public and private sources.

The bdfj and its representatives are members of organizations and committees. The bdfj is an accredited association registered by the President of the Parliament for the German Parliament (Deutscher Bundestag) and acts as the supporter federation of the German Centrum of Journalists (Journalistenzentrum Deutschland).

The professional association is financed almost exclusively through membership fees. He does not receive any government support or subsidies. This fact underlines the political and material independence.

For further information contact our branch or our Press Department:

You are also welcome to visit or contact our main office.

PLEASE NOTE: The membership within the bdfj offers a number of additional benefits. Nearly all of the services presented in our information package are already included in the membership fee. This English translation is provided for your convenience only. Please understand that all further information, contract documents, terms & conditions and any other notices will be provided in German. As a federation based in German the general corresponding language is German. For any inquiries in English please email, write or fax.